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Kris Van Steen 12/10/2023 21:10 12/10/2023 22:10 1 min

Dear friends and acquaintances,....
In recent weeks, there has been a lot of commotion about Ermitage Kalone.
Many peaple told the wildest stories. Ermitage was sold for so much money here, and then again for so much more money there. That there was serious interest after the Belgian Championship we certainly cannot deny, but concretely sitting around the table with someone never happened. For the offers that were there, we asked everyone for a few weeks' reflection time. The ultimate deadline was Wednesday 11/10. By talking and listening to many people about it, and especially the entourage around Ermitage Kalone, we came to the following decision: 

Ermitage gives us so much back, how a man like my father at 89 is still allowed to experience and enjoy it, how his entourage enjoys it and is proud to have this great stallion with us, how Gilles forms a duo with us. How Gilles forms a duo with Ermitage, how he can bring a family even closer together. All these factors cannot be paid for with any money. Therefore I tell you, Ermitage Kalone is not sold or never been sold not before and not after the Belgian Championship in Lanaken.

I am certainly not posting this text for attention, but only to bring clarity around the wildest rumours going around the world.

Ermitage , Father, Marie,Marc,Carine and Gilles thanks for the support in my decision

Van Dijck Joris

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2014 stallion Level: 1.60
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