Gilles Thomas wins 3 awards on Equigala

Carine De Vos 18/01/2023 16:01 Hippo Foto Media - Dirk Caremans 1 min

Gilles was allowed on the impressive stage no less than three times during the fantastic Equigala, held at the Brussels Dockx Dome.

He won the award for 'Rookie of the Year', the Henders & Hazel Ranking 2022 and he got to join Olivier Philippaerts, Jérôme Guéry, Koen Vereecke, Grégory Wathelet and Chef d'équipe Peter Weinberg on the podium during the presentation of the 'Team of the Year award'.  The team won the Nations Cup final in Barcelona, also qualifying for Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Gilles thanked everyone who contributed to the strong performance. He emphasised that he can and may count on a rock-solid team of people and owners who help and support him.