Carine De Vos 15/11/2021 19:11 15/11/2021 20:11 2 min

Last weekend Ines Van Dijck won bronze at the Belgian championship for juniors with Caretina.

The decision to participate in this championship came quite late because Ines doesn't have that much experience at this level. But due to the good performances the week before during the CSI** in Lier, we decided together to let Ines participate in her first junior championship. Because Ines is a first-year junior, we saw this more as a good learning experience for her. So we went to Lier for the championship without too high ambitions. We would have been very satisfied beforehand if Ines could qualify for the final. After a good first and second round on Thursday and Friday, Ines was in 10th place and qualified for the final. So her weekend was already a success. And then came the final on Sunday. A beautiful 1m40-1m45 class, something Ines and Caretina had never done together. But Ines and Caretina remained very calm and focused and jumped flawlessly through the first round of the final. This strong round moved them up to a provisional 5th place. We still saw this as a good learning experience for Ines and we were not yet working on a possible podium place. But when they jumped another clear round in the second round of the final, it suddenly started to look very good for a possible podium place. Some of the favorites who still had to come made some mistakes and so Ines climbed up to the Bronze.

For Ines, this is her first major achievement in her young career, and one of which she can be very proud. And so, in addition to the Bronze of Gilles Thomas at the Belgian Championship for seniors, we have now another Bronze medal in our stable thanks to Ines and Caretina.

Congratulations to owner Andy van Buggenhout and to fellow medal winners Aurelia Guisson (Gold) and Helena beyers (Silver)

This weekend Gilles will travel to Prague together with Calleryama where they will participate in the final of the Global Champions Tour. So it will be another weekend to look forward to.