Flamenco De Semilly

Flamenco De Semilly

Verelst Flamenco De Semilly has approved 2 full brothers and bought them by the Haras in France. Vraitot finished 4th among the 7-year-olds and is now performing on 1.40 m course and Dollard De Semilly, classified for the final of the championship of France in Fontainebleau.

Flamenco has a great technique on the jump, combined with a very good use of the back. For Flamenco the expression certainly applies: "he jumps out of the book".

His father LE TOT DE SEMILLY, a son of GRAND VENEUR (just like Major de la Cour) is now widely known as a producer of international toppers such as Ashley de Sémilly (Michael Whitaker), Fidji du Fleuri (Rodrigo Pessoa) , Diamant de Sémilly (Eric Levallois), Fétiche du Pas (Eric Navet). On the dam's side we find the thoroughbred stallion St Brendan xx, which still makes Flamenco an interesting stallion to use today.

Flamenco De Semilly also has severall internationally well-performing offspring. His most famous offspring are: Je t'aime Flamenco (1m60 with Billy Towmey), Wonderboy III (1m60 with Ben Maher), Don Flamenco vd Kranenburg (1m60 with Lorenzo De Luca), Viking D (1m60 Aniek Poels), Willem vh Janshof ( 1m60 with Grégory Whatelet), Prestige de Triheree (1m60 with Fransicco Moura), Vicomte D (1m60 with Ben Maher), Amour Du Bois (1m60 with Rodrigo Almeida and Jos Lansink), Don Juan (1m60 with Suus Kuyten), Cashmir (1m60 with Gianni GABRIELLI), Bingo (1m60).

 Flamenco De Semilly passes on his excellent character and his typically good foreleg to his offspring.

  • General stud information: 200,- euro per straw +VAT
  • Accepted for:
    • BWP
    • Selle Français
  • Fresh semen: No
  • Frozen semen: Yes
  • Stud fee for frozen semen: €200.00
  • Stud fee information:


  • Information:

    finalist BC Gesves 4y

    finalist BC Gesves 5y

    finalist BC Gesves 6y

    best preforming 6y old approved stallion in Belgium in 1999

    finalist BC Gesves 7Y

    finalist in Lanaken (FEI World Breeding Championships) 7Y

    finalist  BC SENIORS Kapellen

    CSI*** Eindhoven 3rd and 4th in 1m50

    CSI***Neumunster 3rd in 1m45

    CSI*** Verbier (Zw) 3rd GP 1m55

    CSI*** Zuidlaren 2nd in 1m50

    CSIO***** Lummen 4th small GP 1m50-1m55